Chakra E- Course


Chakras are points in the body, which represent our energy centers. When our chakras are not fully open it can cause our health (physical, mental and spiritual) to suffer. Aligning and opening our Chakras is a major step toward wellness.

In this e-course, Kristie McCourt and Brittany Wallrath will discuss what chakras are, how to tell if your chakras are aligned, chakra tuning methods, as well as foods and mind-body practices to help keep your chakras aligned.

When chakras are aligned you have a better sense of peace, calm and inner-joy. This e-course is for you if you want to learn what the chakras are or if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of them. You will leave this course feeling confident about chakras as well as have take-home knowledge to apply directly to your life right away. When we combine foods, yoga, mind-body practices in relation to each chakra we can directly connect ourselves to living a life of wellness.

Date: October 30, 2013

Time: 5pm

Investment: $10 if paid by 10/25, $15 after

*You will receive an email with the e-course on October 30th at 5pm. You can listen right away or save it for a better time that suites you. You will have this e-course to keep for as long as you like.

Kristie McCourt is a certified yoga teacher and health coach. Her passion is helping people discover their healthiest, most authentic versions of themselves.

Brittany Wallrath is a certified yoga teacher and Soulful Wellness Coach. Her passion is brining different communities together to inspire and empower each other.

All proceeds will benefit Kristie and Brittany’s fundraisers to raise $5,000 to travel and help build a school in a small Nicaragua village.


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